`Taipei Times' editor in chief wins journalism award
`Taipei Times' editor in chief wins journalism award

Saturday, Aug 31, 2002,Page 2

Taipei Times Editor in Chief Rick Chu (朱立熙) was presented with the 2002 Brighter Society Journalism Award (社會光明面新聞報導獎) yesterday.

Chu announced on the podium that he has donated the NT$60,000 prize to the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association (運動神經元疾病病友協會).

This is the first time in the 10-year history of the award, organized by the Taipei Journalists' Association (台北市新聞記者公會), that an English-language daily has won.

Chu was granted the award for his special report entitled Eyes that can talk, about Chen Hung (陳宏), who suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The report was published in both Chinese and English, raising awareness among people both at home and abroad about the disease. The illness is commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease after the baseball hall of famer who succumbed to it in 1941.

Representing the award winners to deliver a speech, Chu said he wished the cash prize he donated could contribute to social welfare and promote the spirit of this award -- building a brighter society.

"I also want to present this honor to Mr. Chen, the brave man I portrayed in the report as well as my respected teacher who inspired me as I entered the journalism profession," Chu said.

The editor in chief said he hopes more reports on humanitarian concerns and the brighter side of society, rather than sensational gossip, can be seen in Taiwan's media.

"This way, the media can be purified and not be viewed as the source of social disorder," Chu added.

Since its inception more than three years ago, the Taipei Times has won an award from the Society of Newspaper Design for three consecutive years.

Chu's award marks the fourth time the paper has been recognized with a local journalism award.