Resist the black hand of Beijing
Resist the black hand of Beijing

Following the public doubt over the loyalty of artists incited by the A-mei incident, Beijing has now forbidden all Chinese artists visiting Taiwan to appear on China Television Systems (CTS) shows. This incident once again lets people see clearly the black hand of Beijing trying to manipulate and control the political and social situation in this country.

Since the May 20 presidential inauguration ceremony, China has named and criticized "green businesspeople," thereby intensifying cross-strait tension. This strategy of punishing a few to warn others has resulted in a string of Taiwanese businesspeople coming out to offer their loyalty to Beijing. Even the chairman of Formosa Plastics, Wang Yung-ching (王永慶) felt compelled to travel to Beijing in person to display his loyalty, making a quiet return to Taiwan on Friday.

Beijing is now directing its attention to Taiwan's popular culture. When the artist and pan-green supporter Chiang Hsia (江霞) took over as head of CTS, Chinese officialdom began attacking the TV station. In addition to not issuing broadcasting permission for a prime-time TV series jointly produced by CTS and Chinese TV, Beijing has also forbidden the appearances on CTS shows by all Chinese artists visiting Taiwan. This was the reason why the actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), who visited the country last month to promote the film House of Flying Daggers, suddenly had to cancel her appearance on CTS' Super Sunday.
Just as Zhang was preparing to come to Taiwan, the Chinese authorities ordered her not to participate in the show because "CTS is now controlled by Taiwan independence proponents." Zhang did not have the courage to disobey such a command, and she couldn't state the reason for her cancellation due to her concerns about getting involved in politics, which could affect the film's performance at the box office.

In order to neutralize this attack and follow the principle of prioritizing local entertainers, CTS filled the 8pm prime-time slot with a political talk show, Taiwan Advancement, becoming Taiwan's first free TV station to schedule a political talk show for the prime-time slot. Nevertheless, because Taiwan Advancement, hosted by Wang Ben-hu (汪笨湖), is regarded as deeply pro-green, it has made the Chinese authorities intensify their efforts to boycott CTS.
Unfortunately, on Friday evening, Wang felt the heat from China's pressure on CTS, and declared his resignation from the position as host of Taiwan Advancement, something that now has emerged as front-page news.

China's evil attempts to manipulate this country at all times are expanding. Originally, Beijing only targeted pro-independence Taiwanese businesspeople and entertainers in China. Now, it is extending its dirty hands into Taiwan, trying to boycott media operators and hosts that support the green camp. This action is absolutely ridiculous. Moreover, a few local media have degraded themselves by serving as China's mouthpieces. They have recently echoed Beijing by joining in its attacks on the green camp. Such actions are even more despicable.

China has often adopted a "stick" approach, rather than a "carrot" approach, when handling the Taiwan issue. Its logic goes against international values and the tides of the times, and its methods are clumsy and vicious. It always irritates the people of Taiwan, and makes a joke of China in the international community.

The whole world realizes that our neighbor is a bully threatening us with instruments of state terrorism, such as its ballistic missiles, while reaching its hands into every corner of Taiwan's society. How can the public not wake up and have a clear sense of friend and foe?